Online Schedules & Course Descriptions


Note: When trying to view one of the schedules below, please be aware that it may take a few minutes for it to appear on your screen. Each semester's schedule will contain all the courses offered for that session.

Graduate Catalog Graduate Fall Session Graduate January Inter Graduate Spring Session

Extended Studies 23-24 Extended Studies Fall Year Long Session FC Fall Session Extended Studies Inter Extended Studies Spring Extended Studies Summer FC Spring Session

Extended Studies 22-23 Extended Studies Fall Year Long Session FC Fall Session
CLAS Catalog 2023-2024 Fall Session Spring Session

Course Descriptions for the Following Catalogs

GR24 Graduate Catalog
EX24 Extended Studies 24-25

GR23 Graduate Catalog
EX23 Extended Studies 23-24
CM23 CLAS Catalog 2023-2024

GR22 Graduate Catalog
EX22 Extended Studies 22-23
CM22 CLAS Catalog 2022-2023

GR21 Graduate Catalog 21-22
EX21 Extended Studies 21-22
CM21 CLAS Catalog 2021-2022

GR20 Graduate Catalog 20-21
EX20 Extended Studies 20-21
CM20 CLAS Catalog 2020-2021

GR19 Graduate Catalog 2019-20
CM19 CLAS Catalog 2019-2020
EX19 CGES Catalog 2019-2020

GR18 Graduate Catalog 2018-19
CM18 CLAS Catalog - 2018-2019
EX18 CGES Catalog 2018-2019

GR17 Graduate Catalog 2017-18
EX17 Extended Studies 2017-18
CM17 CLAS Catalog 2017-2018

GR16 Graduate Catalog 2016-17
EX16 Extended Studies 2016-17
CM16 CMU Catalog - 2016-2017

GR15 Graduate Catalog 2015-16
CM15 CMU Catalog - 2015-2016
EX15 CGES Catalog 2015-2016

GR14 Graduate Catalog 2014-15
HS14 Dual-Credit Catalog 1415
CM14 CMU Catalog - 2014-2015
EX14 CGES Catalog - 2014-2015

GR13 Graduate Catalog 2013-14
CM13 CMU Catalog - 2013-2014
EX13 CGES Catalog - 2013-2014

GR12 Graduate Catalog 2012-13
CM12 CMU Catalog - 2012-2013
EX12 CGES Catalog 2012-2013

GR11 Graduate Catalog 2011-12
CM11 CMU Catalog - 2011-2012
EX11 CGES Catalog 2011-2012

GR10 Graduate Catalog 2010-11
EX10 CGES Catalog - 2010-2011

GR09 Graduate Catalog 2009-10
EX09 CGES Catalog 2009-2010

GR08 Graduate Catalog 2008-09
EX08 CGES Catalog 2008-2009

HS16 HS Catalog 2016-2017