Online Schedules & Course Descriptions


Note: When trying to view one of the schedules below, please be aware that it may take a few minutes for it to appear on your screen. Each semester's schedule will contain all the courses offered for that session.

Graduate Catalog 2019-20 Graduate Fall Session
Graduate Catalog 2018-19 Graduate Spring Session Graduate Summer Session
CLAS Catalog 2019-2020 Fall Session
CLAS Catalog - 2018-2019 Fall Session Spring Session Summer Session

CGES Catalog 2018-19 Year Long Session Extended Studies Fall Extended Studies Spring Extended Studies Summer FC Spring Session Extended Studies Spring

CGES Catalog 18-19 Extended Studies Fall Extended Studies Inter Extended Studies Spring Extended Studies Summer

Course Descriptions for the Following Catalogs

CM16 CMU Catalog - 2016-2017

GR15 Graduate Catalog 2015-16
CM15 CMU Catalog - 2015-2016

GR14 Graduate Catalog 2014-15
HS14 Dual-Credit Catalog 1415
CM14 CMU Catalog - 2014-2015
EX14 CGES Catalog - 2014-2015

GR13 Graduate Catalog 2013-14
CM13 CMU Catalog - 2013-2014
EX13 CGES Catalog - 2013-2014

GR12 Graduate Catalog 2012-13
CM12 CMU Catalog - 2012-2013
EX12 CGES Catalog 2012-2013

GR11 Graduate Catalog 2011-12
CM11 CMU Catalog - 2011-2012
EX11 CGES Catalog 2011-2012

GR10 Graduate Catalog 2010-11
EX10 CGES catalog - 2010-11

GR09 Graduate Catalog 2009-10
EX09 CGES Catalog 2009-10

GR08 Graduate Catalog 2008-09
EX08 CGES Catalog 2008-09

GR19 Graduate Catalog 2019-20
EX20 Extended Studies 19-20
CM19 CLAS Catalog 2019-2020

GR18 Graduate Catalog 2018-19
CM18 CLAS Catalog - 2018-2019
EX18 CGES Catalog 2018-19
EX19 CGES Catalog 18-19

GR17 Graduate Catalog 17-18
EX17 Extended Studies 2017-18
CM17 CLAS Catalog 2017-18

HS16 HS Catalog 2016-17
GR16 Graduate Catalog 2016-17
EX16 Extended Studies 2016-17

EX15 CGES Catalog 2015-2016