Theatre Arts Course Listings for CM24
TA100 Portfolio Review
TA103 Basic Principles of Theatre
TA113 ScriptAnalysis and Crit
TA120 Acting for the Camera I
TA190 Special Topics
TA210 Acting I
TA211 Acting II
TA220 Acting for the Camera II
TA245 Oral Interpretation
TA250 Stage Makeup
TA252 Stage Movement
TA253 Stagecraft
TA256 Acting I
TA260 Special Problems
TA268 Internship Field Experience
TA272 Technical Production
TA290 Special Topics
TA290IE EnglishOperetta&MusicalTheatre
TA301 Interactive Theatre
TA303 Interactive Theatre Practicum
TA350 Voice & Movement
TA354 Theatrical Design I
TA360 Special Problems
TA365 Directing Techniques
TA368 Internship Field Experience
TA374 Theatrical Design II
TA384 Theatre History I
TA386 Theatre History II
TA388 Dramatic Literature&Criticism
TA390 Special Topics
TA465 Directing Techniques