Religion Course Listings for CM16
INTERIM5 Mission Trip/Texas
INTERIM7 Israel:Jesus & His Land
RL122 Rel and HumanAdventure
RL122H Honors Religion
RL201 Old Testament
RL202 New Testament
RL203 ExplorationsChristianThought
RL205 Intro to Church Leadership
RL225 Philosophy of Religion
RL260 Special Problems
RL268 Internship Field Experience
RL290 Special Topics
RL301 MissionMessage of Jesus
RL302 Paul and Early Church
RL303 The Prophets
RL310 BiblLit and Ancient Wrld
RL314 World Religions Today
RL325 Philosophy of Religion
RL331 Hist Christianity I
RL332 Hist Christianity II
RL335 Hist.American Methodism
RL336 Thanatology
RL360 Special Problems
RL368 Internship Field Experience
RL390 Special Topics
RL390H Special Topics
RL480 Senior Thesis