Psychology Course Listings for GR08
PY500 Intro to Clinical Counseling
PY501 Diagnosis & Psychopathology
PY505 Career Development
PY510 Counseling Theory
PY520 Intro Psych Measurement
PY523 Human Growth& Development:
PY525 Legal&Ethical Iss in Counseling
PY530 Ind Intel Assessment
PY534 Data Analysis
PY535 Technique of Interviewing
PY540 Couns w/Spec Populations
PY550 Research&Statistical Methodology
PY552 Group Counseling Techniques
PY555 Statistical Methodology
PY557 Current Issues&Supv.inClin.Cnslg
PY560 Independent Study
PY563 Counselor Practicum I
PY564 Counselor Practicum II
PY595 Thesis Research
PY597 Master's Thesis
PY598 Thesis Continuation