Political Science Course Listings for CM20
PS101 Intro to American National,State
PS103 Introduction to Missouri Civics
PS200 International Problems&Relations
PS204 Global Crime
PS260 Special Problems
PS268 Internship/Field Experience
PS290 Special Topics
PS290IE Issues in Terrorism
PS307 The History&Politics of Missouri
PS308 American Constitutional Law& the
PS309 Law in American Society
PS312 American Foreign Affairs
PS313 Sociology of Revolution
PS314 The History& Politics of Russia
PS314B Historical Eurasia
PS315 The History&Politics of England
PS318 American Legislative Politics
PS319 American President,Past&Present
PS320 AmericanWay of War
PS322 Comparative Political Systems
PS330 Prin. of Public Administration
PS331 Research Design&Data Analysis in
PS334 Applied Quantitative Data
PS355 Topicsin Seminar in Area Studies
PS360 Special Problems
PS368 Internship/Field Experience
PS390 Special Topics
PS480 Senior Thesis