Political Science Course Listings for CM18
PS101 AmNatStLoc Govt
PS103 Intro MO Civics
PS200 Intnl Prbs and Relations
PS204 Global Crime
PS260 Special Problems
PS268 Internship/Field Experience
PS290 Special Topics
PS290IE Issues in Terrorism
PS307 Histry Pltcs Missouri
PS308 AmConLaw and JudicProcess
PS309 Law in Amer Society
PS312 American Foreign Affairs
PS313 Sociology of Revolution
PS314 History Politics of Russia
PS314B Historical Eurasia
PS315 Hist & Politics England
PS318 Amer Legisl Politics
PS319 AmericanPresidency
PS320 AmericanWay of War
PS322 Comparative Political Systems
PS330 Prin of Public Administration
PS331 RsrchDsgn DataAnalysis SocSci
PS334 Applied Data Analysis/Soc Scienc
PS355 Seminar in Area Studies
PS360 Special Problems
PS368 Internship/Field Experience
PS390 Special Topics
PS480 Senior Thesis