Physical Education Course Listings for EX20
EX203 Intro Exercise Science
EX327 Physiology of Exercise
EX331 Advncd Exercise Science
EX440 Program Design(Capstone)
PE101 Lifetime Fitness Activities
PE111 Wellness
PE112 Motor Lrng & Dvlpmt
PE120 Indvl Sprts Activities
PE202 Motor Lrng & Dvlpmt
PE203 Intro Exercise Science
PE210 Personal & Community Health
PE211 Mthds/Matls Health Education
PE212 1stAid and Comm CPR
PE214 Sport in Society
PE215 Psychol of Sport
PE216 Nutrition & Athl Performance
PE217 Fndtns of Phys Educ
PE219 Fund RhythmMvmt&Dance
PE221 Psychological & Sociological
PE315 Team Sports
PE322 ElemSch P.E.Skills
PE323 1stAid & Care/Prevention
PE324 Anatomy & Kinesiology
PE327 Physiology of Exercise
PE328 Adapted Physical Education
PE331 Advncd Exercise Science
PE339 Mth/Tcnq/Tests&Mesurmt/P.E.
PE360 Special Problems
PE440 Program Design(Capstone)
PERD102 Rodeo
PES101 Swimming