Physical Education Course Listings for CM20
EX203 Introduction to Exercise Science
EX327 Physiology of Exercise
EX331 Advanced Exercise Science
PE100 Marching Band
PE103 Lifetime Activities & Dance
PE105 Adpt PhysEd Activities
PE111 Character & Wellness
PE120 Tchg Indiv Sprts Act(PK-12)
PE160 Special Problems
PE202 Motor Learning&MotorDevelopment
PE203 Intro Exercise Science
PE210 Personal&Community Health
PE211 MthdsMtls in Hlth Educ
PE212 1stAid and Community CPR
PE214 Sport in Society
PE215 Psychol of Sport
PE216 Nutrition&Athletic Performance
PE217 Foundations Physical Education
PE219 Fundamentals of Rhythm,Movement&
PE221 Psychological & Sociological
PE230 Theory of Coaching&Officiating
PE231 Theory of Coaching&Officiating
PE232 Theory of Coaching&Officiating
PE233 Theory of Coaching&Officiating
PE234 Theory of Coaching&Officiating
PE235 Theory of Coaching&Officiating
PE260 Special Problems
PE290 Special Topics
PE315 Tchg Team Sports
PE321 OrgAdm PE Hlth Prog K-12
PE322 Teaching Elementary School
PE323 1stAidCare/Preventionof Injuries
PE324 Human Anatomy/Kinesiology
PE325 Methods Teaching Individual
PE327 Physiol of Exercise
PE328 Adapted Physical Education
PE331 Advncd Exercise Science
PE339 Methods&Techniques for Tests &
PE360 Special Problems
PE440 Program Design (Capstone)
PEA101 Aerobic Dance
PEBK102 Varsity Basketball
PEBS101 Swimming - Beginners
PEBS102 Varsity Baseball
PECL102 Varsity Cheerleading
PECR102 Varsity Cross Country
PEES102 ESports
PEF101 Fitness for Life
PEFB102 Varsity Football
PEG101 Golf
PEGB101 Golf and Bowling
PEGF102 Varsity Golf
PELF101 Lifetime Fitness Activities
PEPP102 Pompon Activity
PER101 Racquetball
PERD102 Rodeo
PES101 Swimming and Water Sprts
PESB102 Varsity Softball
PESC102 Varsity Soccer
PESCU101 Scuba Diving
PESM101 Stress Management
PESW101 Swimming and Water Spts
PETG101 Tumbling and Gymnastics
PETR102 Varsity Track
PETR102] Varsity Track
PEVB102 Varsity Volleyball
PEW101 Wellness for Life
PEWL101 Weight Lifting
PEWR102 Varsity Wrestling
PEWT101 Resistance Trng & Conditioning
RM368 Internship & Field Experience