Extended Studies Course Listings for HS16
AR121 Basic of Design
AR186 Art History
BI101 General Biology
BI102 General Biology
BI103 Integrated Biology
BI107 Human Anatomy
BI160C Zoology
BI160D Zoology
BI190 Special Topics - Genetics
BU110 Intro to Business
BU190 Intro to Marketing
CH111 General Chemistry
CJ100 Intro Criminal Justice
CJ190 Special Topics
CS121MS Intro MS Office
CS122AW Computers/Academic
CS172 Structured Programming
CT101 Public Speaking
CT214 Web Page Design
ED103 Child Development
EN103 Intro to College Writing
EN105 Introduction to World Literature
EN106 Creative Writing
EN110 College Composition I
EN111 College Composition II
EN190 Special Topics
GR101 Elementary German I
GR102 Elemntry German II
HI102 World History
HI118 Dvlp of US II
MA104 Analytic Trigonometry
MA105 Elementary Statistics
MA107 Discrete Math
MA108 Finite Math
MA112 Sel. Top. Calculus
MA118 Calc/Anal Geo I
MU190 Music Theory
PH111 General Physics I
PH112 General Physics II
PY101 General Psychology
SO101 Intr to Sociology
SO150 Int. Anthropology
SP101 Elem Spanish I
SP102 Elementary Spanish II
SP203 Spanish Civilization
SP204 Spanish Civilization
TA103 Basic Principles Theatre