Clinical Counseling Course Listings for GR21
CL500 Intro to Clinical Counseling
CL501 Diagnosis & Psychopathology
CL505 Career Development
CL510 Theories of Counseling
CL512 Found Sexuality in Counseling
CL514 Behavioral Emergencies and
CL520 Intro Psychological Measurement
CL524 Counseling Across Lifespan
CL525 Legal & Ethical Issues in
CL527 Found.Addictions Counseling
CL530 Individual Intelligence
CL535 Techniques of Interviewing
CL542 Social & Cultural Diversity
CL544 Advanced Counseling with
CL546 Neurobiology& Psychopharmacology
CL548 Found of Marriage, Couples
CL550 Research Methodology
CL552 Group Counseling Techniques
CL557 Current Issues & Supervision
CL560 Special Problems
CL563 Counselor Practicum I
CL564 Counselor Practicum II
CL573 Counseling Internship I
CL574 Counseling Internship II
CL575 Counseling Internship III
CL590 Special Topics
CL595 Thesis Research
CL597 Master Thesis
CL598 Thesis Continuation