Business Course Listings for EX15
AC302 Intermediate Accounting II
AC370 Accounting Information Systems
ADM201 Princ/Self-Management
ADM495 Seminar in Business
BU110 Intro to Business
BU224 BusApp:Sprdsht I
BU225 Computer Apps in Business
BU228 Electronic Commerce
BU260 Special Problems
BU341 BusinessLaw-Contracts
BU342 Business Law-Commercial
BU354 Princ of Management
BU360 Special Problems
BU368 Senior Internship
BU390 Special Topics
BU460 Special Problems
BU468 Internship
BU480 Major Readings in Bus.
ET375 Small Business Management
ET475 Entrepreneurship
FB101 Personal Finance
FB345 Investment Analysis
FB351 Business Finance
FB360 Special Problems
IB376 Internatl Business
MG354 Princ of Management
MG365 Organizational Theory
MG370 Mgmt Information Systems
MG477 Production/Operations Mgmt
MGT302 Mgmt & Leadership
MGT432 Organizational Behavior
MGT490 Human Resources Development
MK230 Marketing
MK235 Consumer Behavior
MK330 Marketing
MK339 Sales Management
MK366 Advertising
MK378 Marketing Research
MK430 Strategic Marketing
SPM101 Intro Sports Management
SPM201 Sports Mgmt Pre-Internship
SPM303 Sports Mktg & Events