Allied Health Course Listings for EX23
AH205 Orientation to APA Format
AH268 Internship Field Experience
AH317 Health Professions Research
AH368 Internship Field Experience
AH390 Special Topics
BEH200 Introduction to Behavior Health
BEH205 Evidence Based Treatments
BEH210 Diagnosis of Identified Populati
BEH215 Motivational Interviewing
BEH220 Substance Use Disorders
BEH225 Systems of Care/Support
BEH230 Wellness Coaching
BEH235 Conflict Resolution
BEH240 Legal/Ethical Issues
BEH268 Internship I
BEH300 Professional Practice in BH
BEH310 Client Assessment
BEH320 Community Assess & Prog Dev
BEH468 Intersnhip II
BEH480 Capstone Project
HS110 Concepts Hlth Care Mgmt
HS300 Professional Practice in HC
HS304 Health Care Law
HS314 Insurance,Coding& Billing
HS400 Health Care Informatics
HS410 Client Educ & Health Care
HS420 Case Studies in Managerial
HS430 Current Issues in Profession
HS440 Business Management Practicum