Course Description for CM16/GR16/EX16/HS16

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TITLE:  Intro Adaptation Nursing

Credit Hours: 2
Description: AH200 Introduction to Adaptation Nursing. 3 hours (2 lecture/1 lab hours). This course reviews the legal underpinnings of the profession of nursing and human developmental concepts. Basic communication skills pertinent to therapeutic communication utilized in healthcare are explored. The nursing process is explained, and the student is introduced to Roy's Adaptation Model. Scheduled lab sessions introduce the student to basic skills required of professional nurses while independently scheduled lab hours provide the opportunity for guided completed of this course. Demonstration of appropriate basic clinical skills is required for successful completion of this course. The lab and lecture contact hours meet the Carnegie requirements for the credit hours rewarded. This course is prerequisite to all CLAS nursing courses. Prerequisite: BI205 or concurrent enroll-ment. Spring. 10/11